An Example of Merging Digital and Traditional Marketing

MarketingVideo🕑 Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Matt shares an example of how to merge your digital and traditional marketing tactics.

We’re talking about traditional marketing this month, so lets talk about how you can mix digital marketing with traditional marketing in the same campaign.

Let’s say you are a car manufacturer and you have a specific vehicle that you are trying to target new drivers in their teens. In order to reach the teens, you may decide to run TV advertisements on MTV or on other networks during times that they broadcast popular teen shows. To help with that campaign you need to make sure that you are targeting the people who are making the purchase decision, so in this case the parents. This is where you can implement digital tactics such as a PPC in the same campaign.

This way, they will be hearing about this car from their kids and at the same time they’re going to be seeing online ads about the same car. Those ads could be sharing information such as safety ratings, or the cost savings with that particular model. In this way your digital and traditional marketing techniques can be channeled into one campaign with different goals.