Why A/B Testing Is a Must

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Picture this: You head into a clothing retailer to buy a new shirt. While the store has a bunch of different styles, they only have one color – blue. The retailer has assumed that everyone likes the color blue, so that’s the only option they provide. Since you weren’t exclusively looking for a blue shirt, and have no other choices, you visit another store with a wider variety of options.

Now, apply this mindset to your website. There certainly isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” mantra when it comes to your website. What may work for some people won’t work for others. But the best way to discover what works best for most people is through A/B testing.

Various case studies have found that, when companies tailor content according to A/B testing results, they saw:

A/B testing has one big goal and benefit: Your content will be improved.

And while you might feel like you hear the words thrown around a lot, more often than not, businesses aren’t doing much with A/B testing. But it’s a critical part of your company’s success, because it gives you a leg up on your competition.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to read a customer’s mind. If we could, we wouldn’t have to wonder if they’re more likely to click the button that reads “Free shipping for orders over $30.” or the one that says “20% off your $30 order.” Luckily, A/B testing takes the guessing out of the guessing game.

When your company begins the process of A/B testing, you’ll have better website content. In fact, as you come up with the list of variables to test, you are also creating an entire list of ways to improve your content.

More Profit All-Around

Not only are you improving your website’s content, but A/B testing can jumpstart shifts within your organization that can create new profits. Since your resources are being focused on implementing, not just debating opinions, you’re focusing on the data rather than the opinions.

These types of companies are quick on their feet and much more likely to adapt to changes that might occur in the data or the market. Since you’re armed with the right kind of data, you’re able to make decisions quickly and thoroughly, and adjust your course as needed.

Other benefits: You’re cutting out the risk of making the wrong decision when it comes to things like pricing and strategy.? Since you can test your customer’s behavior before you make a decision, you’re more likely to hit the nail on the head, instead of stabbing in the dark hoping you hit the target.

A/B testing can help you utilize your resources for the best results, as your ROI increases. Whether it’s long or short term, a success is a success. You might end up gaining a customer’s long-term loyalty or scoring a one-time big sale. Either way, A/B testing ensures your company comes out on top.

Stepping into Your Customers’ Shoes

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits of A/B testing is the fact that you get to see which type of content makes users spend even more time on your website. You’ll see which keywords make them go onto other pages and if there are certain phrases or promises that make them sign up for additional information. Plus, you will be able to clearly see a purchasing pattern, so there’s no more guessing which methods or processes will stick out most with them – you’ll have data derived completely from real-life experiences.

Let’s say you want to see which type of lead causes the most people to sign up for your mailing list. Instead of trying to guess based on your current knowledge, gather some more. Try various call-to-action designs to see which one works better than the other. None of them might work. Or maybe all of them will work, meaning you will be able to bank a few for later use. Either way, you come out with information and even more knowledge about your target audience. You’re slowly but surely getting to know their needs and wants even better than you already do.

Until you’re able to fully read the mind of your customer, A/B testing is the way to go. You’re able to see what type of content speaks directly to your customer, as they spend more and more time on your site. You’ll gather priceless information on their preferences as they sign up for additional information and make even more purchases.

For more information on A/B testing, or if you are interested in trying it out for yourself, contact us today!