9 SEO Tactics for SaaS Websites

June 23, 2019

SEO is one of the most powerful tactics to drive targeted traffic to your site.

For SaaS companies, the right traffic can drive demos, trials and purchases.

We're talking about 9 SEO tips to improve your search ranking. Read our extended in-depth article on SaaS Search Optimization Tips.

Watch the video above to get a summary on these 9 tips:

  • Tip 1: Key Phrase Targeted Pages
    Learn about leveraging landing pages to specifically target high-volume phrases.

  • Tip 2: New Feature Announcements
    Talking about new features is a great customer experience and also a way to target customer issues in search.

  • Tip 3: Vertical Focus
    Add pages about industries or verticals for your SaaS to target vertical search phrases.

  • Tip 4: Documentation & APIs
    Including documentation and API information is key for customers, but can also be quality content for search engines.

  • Tip 5: Trend Reports
    As a leader for your industry, you should create custom trend reports that are fodder for inbound links.

  • Tip 6: Integration Tools
    Talk about the integrations you have and encourage your partners to link back to you.

  • Tip 7: Guest Blogging
    Obtain guest blogs and guest blog on other sites to validate and gain authority.

  • Tip 8: Directories & Review Sites
    Don't forget to claim your digital real estate and get every profile as well as encourage reviews.

  • Tip 9: SEO Software
    There are great products to help with SEO, use them to make fixes and optimizations.

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