7 Ways to Use Digital Sales Rooms for Killer Closing

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A digital sales room is sales enablement platform that collects and provides information, tools, and resources to help salespeople close more deals. Digital sales rooms provide a centralized platform for sales teams to access the resources they need to do their jobs efficiently.

These rooms can significantly improve the sales experience for your customers and give your SaaS company extremely valuable insight during a sales process.

Digital sales room can be as simple as a password-protected page with key links that allows you to track people who log in to as blown out as a full-fledged portal where each prospect has their own specialized files, views, and tasks.

These platforms can be used to organize information, resources, and toolkits for the sales team so they can quickly find what they need. They also provide access to customer data, product tours, pricing information, interactive tools, and more. 

All of these features make it easier for sales reps to stay up-to-date on the latest products and services. They also provide customers with relevant information in a timely manner and an engaged sales experience.

In addition to helping close deals, digital sales rooms can also be used as an effective way of tracking lead conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores. This allows companies to measure the success of their sales efforts and make adjustments accordingly.

Overall, a digital sales room is an invaluable asset for any business looking to maximize its potential in the competitive marketplace.

And today we are going to talk about the 7 key ways you can use a sales portal to generate a killer closing process.

1. Automate Your Processes

The first way to use sales portals to generate killer closing systems is to use them to automate your processes.

Automating your processes with a sales portal can help streamline the entire sales cycle, from prospecting and outreach to follow-up and closing. This will save time and resources while helping you close more deals faster.

Sales portals are invaluable for expediting both menial processes and complicated processes and boosting efficiency. With their help, SaaS companies can optimize sales management to a level never before seen.

One example of a sales portal that helps automate sales processes is Salesforce.

sales automation technology

Salesforce is the company that first brought the importance of CRM technology to the limelight. It has become an incredible tool for sales managers and customer success representatives alike by automating processes in marketing, sales, and service.

2. Enhance Presentations

Using video features and graphics within sales portals is another revolutionary way to transform your sales cycle. While these aspects might seem novel, the effectiveness of leaning on visual sales strategies has been around for a while.

Sales portals have taken this to a whole new level. Instead of basic PowerPoint presentations or stark slide decks, the visual components of sales portals allow for a heightened enhancement during discovery sessions.

digital sales room

Saleslion, a company that offers a digital sales room (a specific type of sales portal), has transformed the way SaaS companies present their solutions by incorporating visuals and interactive tools within discovery and demo pages. These features help enhance presentations, leading to a much more interactive and improved experience.

3. Acquire Sales Tools

The third way using a sales portal can help generate a killer closing process is by providing you and the rest of your sales team with the necessary tools to scale your processes and eventually your company as well.

While a sales portal could be considered a tool in itself, one of its biggest advantages is the combination of tools that it contains. These tools include automation technology, CRM software, interactive tools, integration options, analytics platforms, and more.

The Saleslion digital sales room specifically offers several unique technologies that are not available as stand-alone sales tools, including ranking boards (shown below), mutual action plans, solution boards, pricing calculators and sliders, and Gantt charts.

sales technology

4. Track Your Prospects

Gaining insights from data is essential for the success of your SaaS business.

And the data and analytics features in sales portals are imperative for gaining insights into customer behavior.

With every prospect that is going through your sales funnel, you should always be asking yourself and your sales team, What’s working and what isn’t?

Using sales portals to track your prospects will help you answer the questions above so that you can better personalize their experience and dramatically improve your close rate.

sales data and analytics

Above is an example of an analytics dashboard on a sales portal like Highspot that allows sales reps and sales managers to better understand why things are happening the way they are happening and what to do differently.

5. Improve Engagment

Especially in this age of technology, having boring and stark presentations and proposals is no longer acceptable.

According to this article on how to create interactive sales experiences, all sales experiences have one job: moving the prospect one step closer to the ultimate goal of converting leads to customers.

Because of this, at every stage in the sales cycle, your prospects will expect excellent customer service. Thus, the sales processes must be incredibly engaging in order to invite prospects, convert leads, and retain customers

And one major way to use sales portals to transform your closing process is by using them to improve prospect engagement during their sales process.

sales techniques

While not a sales portal in itself, Dubb, a video messaging company, has completely adopted this idea of the importance of creating an engaging sales process. Permitting other companies to integrate video into their emails and other messages, Dubb allows for higher engagement between customers and companies.

6. Personalize Proposals

Another great way to use sales portals to boost your close rates is to utilize personalized proposal pages found in sales portals such as digital sales rooms.

Great B2B sales proposals must be clear, captivating, and compelling. They must address each customer’s specific needs and engage them with content that is easy to understand and relevant to their current situation.

With sales portals, achieving all of this becomes simple and easy.

sales proposal software

With easily customizable features that can be changed to match the brand colors and logos of each customer and boards that allow for transparency in pricing and goals, Saleslion’s digital proposal page is a great example of how sales portals can revolutionize the proposal phase to make it more personalized and enjoyable for your customers.

7. Upgrade Your Strategies

Similar to how sales portals can be effectively used to track prospective customers and gather data on their behaviors, sales portals can also be used to upgrade your sales and marketing strategies.

The data collected from the analytics platforms on how your customers interact with your digital sales rooms or portals can then be used to generate better sales strategies to further improve future sales processes.

For example, if data shows that one specific feature of your sales portal has extremely high engagement across the board by customers and another feature is virtually untouched, you should probably rearrange the sales portals for future customers to have more of the first feature and less of the second.

sales strategy

Key Takeaways

In summary, sales portals, and digital sales rooms, are incredible tools for sales teams and sales managers interested in designing a killer closing process and scaling their company. 

A sales portal is a digital room or platform that provides knowledge, instruments, and assets to assist salespeople in completing more deals sales portals are incredible technologies for salespeople to access the resources they need to do their jobs efficiently.

And whether designed to be simple or more complicated, personalized, and in-depth sales portals can be used to automate sales processes, enhance sales presentations, give team members access to specialized sales tools, track customer behavior, improve engagement, personalize sales proposals, and upgrade sales strategies. 

In summary, a sales portal is an invaluable asset for any B2B SaaS business looking to maximize its potential in the competitive marketplace.

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