Top 5 Ways to Distribute Your Content

June 28, 2013

With so many ways to distribute your content, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for you and your audience.? We've listed 5 of the top ways you can distribute your content to make sure your target audience sees it.

1) Website

Your website is a great platform to distribute your content. It's makes it easy for your target audience to find and also helps improve your search engine optimization. This is because search engines love picking up on new content with great quality. This is also a great time for you to optimize your content even more with your targeted keywords in order to rank higher.

2) Email

If you don't already use email marketing, content distribution is a great reason to start. It is an excellent channel of distribution as the publisher or part of a marketing campaign. You can take your content and put it into a simple email newsletter template and send it out to your clients, prospects and your target market.

3) Social Media

Distributing your content on social media is easy and can help drive traffic back to your website. There is a large amount of users on social platforms and quality content is exactly what they are looking for. Also Search engines are looking at brand activity on social media and taking it into consideration when ranking your website in search results.

4) Forums & Discussion Threads

The conversations that occur within forums and discussion threads can help build credibility and your contact list. Another great thing about forums and threads is that you don't have to be the owner. It is easy to search for active forums & threads that you can comment with a link to your content and potentially drive viewers to your site.

5) Blogs

Blogs are another great platform for distribution because of RSS and the tendency blogs have to freely link to each other. This will give you the chance to syndicate content to other web sites & blogs.

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