Andy explains why you should consider including a client list for your website.

Video Transcription

So a lot of times when we are working with clients we talk about whether or not they should put a client list on their website to showcase what they’ve done and who they’ve done it for. Some people are afraid to do so because they don’t want to put a client list out there for other sales people or their competitors to find and go after. I’m a really big fan of doing this of making sure that you’re putting that information out there. In todays world I think that you want to put as much as you can about your organization to help convince and convert.

At the end of the day the amount of conversions that you’re going to get because you are transparent and showing that information that matters to people who are going to visit your site is going to out way any negatives. Plus if you are doing a great job for your clients there should be no fear that a sales person is going to call them and steel that business. Plus people can just go into a phonebook and find that information whether they’re your client or not. So if you’re really considering whether you should showcase your clients, your client list, your testimonials or other information I say do it. Put it out there and get those benefits for conversion.

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