3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Today Matt shares three quick tips that can help you improve your pay-per-click campaigns.

Video Transcription

Hey Guys this month we are talking about Pay-Per-Click advertising and today I want to share 3 quick tips to help your campaigns performance. The first one being use your match type option. A big mistake people make is leaving their match type option on broad match. This means that when your targeted keyword is being searched by the user that the results will also pop up any variants or phrases that are close to your targeted keyword and most likely a lot of those clicks are going to lead to dead traffic.

The next tip is to make sure you are using a negative keyword list. This also help to filter out a lot of those irrelevant clicks. By using a negative keyword list you can compile a list of keywords that might be close to your keyword or phrase but has nothing to do with it. For example if you are targeting the keyword “Show Ideas” and someone searched “Baby Shower Ideas” your ad will still be triggered because “Show” and “Shower” are close variants. So make sure you compile that negative keyword list.

The third tip is to make sure you aren’t linking your ads to your homepage. Instead, make sure you put together a nicely designed landing page that is focused on the product or service you are selling. This not only makes sure that the user is finding the information that is relevant to them but also helps to improve your ads quality score.

I hope these three quick tips help you out and make sure to join us on December 17 for our Pay Per Click seminar.

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