Why is Mobile Important?

September 5, 2012

Cell phones and mobile devices have changed the way people do business, and Andy explains why you should explore your options.


Video Transcription

Mobile is really important and it’s a popular trend right now. People are really starting to browse on other devices. Things like their phones, iPads, TVs, and even refrigerators are coming in, and everything is going to be a connected device. It’s going to be really important for businesses to interact with their customers, whether in a sales process or day-to-day on these different devices.

Whether you’re a retail store and your looking for people to walk by and find your business, or you’re a B2B company looking to present information to a prospect no matter where they are, you really need to have mobile as part of your strategy. So now is the time to really look at this, and take devices and see how they fit into your total marketing strategy.

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