Why are Videos Good for SEO?

May 13, 2013

Today Andy explains why video is a great tactic to use for improving your SEO.

Video Transcription

So people often ask why are videos good for search optimization. Well there's a couple reasons. the first one is that search engines are putting videos into the results a lot more than they used to and ranking them higher. You often see when you do a search that you'll see a little thumbnail of a video that's on YouTube or some other site that's showing up high in the search rankings.

Another reason is that videos cause inbound links. Inbound links which are links that come into your web site, often really help raise sites up in the rankings. Videos which are very informative and engaging for your audience will build those inbound links and help raise your site up in the search engine rankings.

Another reason is that people typically see those little thumbnails that are in the search rankings and click on them more often. Why? Because people see these images and they're much more engaged with them and stats show that people are more likely the click on images than they are on text links. So often as people are getting search results and they're browsing through that list of the top ten they're going click on that image before they click on anything else.

The last reason is that people find it engaging. So when they see a video that comes up in the search results they know that they're going to get something that's just not a boring page but actually get something that has sound and video that they can watch and be entertained by or engaged with so that's why search engine optimization is a great tactic using video. So give it a try today and start creating those video

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