Where Should the Most Important Information Be on Your Website?

July 10, 2013

Today Chad explains where you should be placing the most important information on your website.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody. Here's a quick Insivia insight for you. Now you may be wondering where do I put the most important parts of my website. Well that's simple put them at the top. You'll notice on a lot of websites that you have the logo and the top navigation so you can kind of move around the site at the very top of the page. And it a basically goes down from the most important to the least important, so at the top I'll have things like the logo, navigation, banner, main call to action, critics planning what your website is, what your company does for the product is from there you can kind of move downwards to things like say you know product information, new articles and reviews, and then to the footer you have contact information and additional links. Really just kind of organize your website from the most important at the very top to the least important at the very bottom.

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