Today, Andy shares some insights on how to choose the right type of media for reaching your target audience.

Today we’re going to discuss the types of media for different types of audience. When you’re doing your audience analysis and you’re looking at all the different factors involved,  one of the things you want to understand is the types of media that are going to be most appealing to them. One of the big things to consider is whether your content is business-to-business, or business-to-consumer. Consumers tend to want different types of media because they’re browsing your site, or they’re receive your materials, or seeing your ads at different times of day and different part of their life, so the media tends to  need to be a little more engaging – like video or infographics. Business-to-business is a little different – people are at work they have different expectation and objectives, and the amount of time they can invest in the media is a lot different. Another way to look at your audience is age – are they more likely to be engaged by a video, or to read a white paper; to read a long article versus using an interactive calculator? So you want to really look at their age, and maybe their technological skills when choosing the type of media.

Their position in a company will also make a difference – some people might have more or less time, or different objectives, depending on their role within the organization. We need to look at all these different factors and understand that if we’ve got various targets throughout and organization, what are the different types of media that are going to be best for them? And as we’re creating content specifically for those different audience, are we using the right media that fits that perfectly?

So if you’re thinking about audience analysis, think about the different ways you’re going to present information, and what is going to be the best for that audience.

And again, September 26 we’re holding a seminar on audience analysis and how you can get better results by really understanding your audience. We hope to see you there or talk to you soon!

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