What is the Zero Moment of Truth?

December 31, 2012

Today Andy explains the Zero Moment of Truth and how it can impact your brand.

Video Transcription

Hi everybody. I wanted to talk about something that I've read the other day. It's called the Zero Moment of Truth, and it's something that Google recently dubbed. And what it basically is is they talk about how people go and search on the Internet to find a brand or to find a product or whatever it might be, and there is that point where they first meet the brand. It could be the first search result, it could be that they go to a Google page that someone has out there. It could be a LinkedIn page, it could be the website or whatever it is, that first moment they meet the brand. It's that zero moment of truth of whether they are going to engage with that brand or not. And you really want to think about all the different types and moments that someone is going to have that zero moment of truth and how does it represent your brand and your company. Does it convince people to move further down the process.

So when you're looking at gaining new leads for your business, really look at all of these different methods that people could first initiate with your brand and make sure they are optimized to be the best that they can. Not only from how they represent you, but how you can drive people further into the process to take action, give you a phone call, buy your product or whatever it might be. So really look up that Zero Moment of Truth and really think about it for how you can use it for your company.

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