Today Andy lets you know what you need to do to make sure that your most important information is in the right place on your site.

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Hello everybody, we just recently did one of our blog videos on information above the fold and had an interesting piece of feedback from one of our readers about before determining whether people scroll and what information should be above or below the fold. An important aspect of design is understanding you know what is the most important information on the page. It’s something that we do and make part of our process every day is wire framing what you do to make sure that your understanding what information goes on each page and why it’s important for that page from a user perspective, from a conversion perspective.

So if you’re going through the process of really mapping out your site and what your pages are, what the layout of the different pages are, make sure you’re really understanding what the hierarchy of information is and it’s importance to the audience and to the conversion result. How are people moving through your site and how are they going to find the information that they need it the right time.

So before you really get into that process of thinking about your fold, which is an important process and an important piece of that wire framing process what you should really do is work on the hierarchy of information based on who your audience is and understand how the importance of certain information fits into that process and how you diagram out what even goes on a page before you start thinking about the true layout or heights or other pieces. And that doesn’t only apply to regular websites test our websites but really be thinking about that especially if you’re looking at responsive or looking at ipads, looking at phones or other distinctions and that’s a lot about what responsive design is, again looking at the importance of information and changing it based on what device people are seeing.

So again if you’re not looking at usability and you’re looking at the fold and you’re looking at your wireframes and layout of your site really think of the importance of information and what should go on a page as your very first step for creating a more usable site.

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Andy Halko is the CEO of Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping companies scale through our Breakthrough Growth Program and Agile Marketing solutions.

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