What is Mobile Marketing?

April 6, 2013

Today Matt explains Mobile Marketing and why it has become essential for every business.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody it’s month number two of our Insivia Seminar Series and this month we’re going to talk about mobile marketing. So before we get to in-depth with it I want to start at the basics for everyone that’s just starting out and explain what mobile marketing is. Mobile Marketing is any use of promotional material, advertising, any form of marking communication that a company uses and sends through a mobile device such as a cell phone. Over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in smart phone usage, tablets and other mobile devices and this has made mobile marking extremely important for any business. So this month we’re going to get really in depth with it and at the end of month will have our seminar on April 30th at 11:30am so you can register at www-new.insivia.com/seminar/mobile and I hope to see you there! Bye!

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