Insivia keeps on growing. We’re very excited about our newest member, Kyle Petersen. Kyle brings with him a lot of specialities that will help Insivia keep moving in the right direction.

Originally from Hinckley Ohio, Kyle moved to Michigan to attend Michigan State University. He graduated with a bachelor in Telecommunications with an emphasis in digital media. He worked in web services since graduation and has developed amazing skills in design and web standards.

Kyle is equally happy to be here. “Seeing the vast variety of services Insivia offers, I thought my talents fit perfectly. I loved the before and after page in the portfolio and am excited to work with a company that can take a company to a completely different level. I saw your past work and I thought I could contribute to the team and grow as a designer.”

In his free time, Kyle enjoys staying active, target shooting, and hanging out with his family and friends. He currently resides in Hinckely, but hopes to become a Clevelander in the near future!

Author Information

Andy Halko is the CEO of Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping companies scale through our Breakthrough Growth Program and Agile Marketing solutions.