Derek talks about how to evolve your traditional marketing campaign.

Like we’ve said before, traditional marketing is not dead! Digital marketing is not going to get rid of traditional marketing, but traditional marketing does need to evolve, adapt, and integrate with digital.

A lot of our customers, especially manufacturers need to utilize traditional marketing techniques such as expo’s, trade shows, industry newsletters, etc, because it’s where their customers are looking for them. What we recommend is taking everything you do with traditional marketing and integrating it into the digital realm. Whether it’s print material, handouts, or trade show booths, make it interactive and make sure everything drives back to the web. This will benefit you by allowing you to set up nurture campaigns, providing more relevant information, and make it more engaging for your customers. Integrating your traditional marketing with your digital will help bring your campaigns full circle.

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July 11, 2019 Seminar

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