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June 28, 2010

Is It Time for My Company to Invest in Video?

Absolutely! The landscape of the Internet is changing constantly, even as we speak. As a whole, we are moving away from text-reliant informational sites towards encompassing multimedia experiences based in movement, sound, and user-engagement. One reliable estimate states that five new videos launch to the web every second; that means about 50 new videos have been uploaded for sharing with the world since you’ve read this first paragraph. No doubt some of those are piano playing cats and Twilight tribute videos, but I can virtually guarantee that at least one video posted today will be from somewhere in your industry and possibly even from one of your direct competitors.

Changes in technology have made this revolution possible. Long gone are the days of waiting an eternity for a video to download on a dial-up connection. The processing power of a typical laptop, combined with the bandwidth available with your typical home or office connection, make streaming video nearly as seamless an experience as accessing text. With technology always on the march forward, it’s only a matter of time before all content, irrespective of the complexity of the format, will be instantaneously available at the click of the mouse.

So is anyone watching? It sure seems like it. There were over 33 million videos viewed across the Internet in May that were viewed by almost 18 million unique visitors. Roughly 40% of these videos were viewed on YouTube, 5% on Hulu, and the rest spread out across the millions of sites on the Internet. For YouTube, the average user watched over 100 videos in May; a great indicator that people are both comfortable with video and looking to digest lots of it.

On a much more micro-view of the video landscape, the analytics on our site ( show that our videos are one of the two most visited sections of our site (our portfolio is the other). We are so impressed with the performance of the videos that we will soon launch an entirely updated version of our site based largely on the undeniable utility of video as a means of information conveyance and relationship creation with our client base.

So how can your company use video to get ahead? How about creating a sales video or a video to introduce your company to first time visitors? Local non-profits are using video to raise money and seeing fantastic results. Educational videos about your product or your industry are also a great way to create something that has the potential to go viral. For example, this guy has over a million hits for his video on how to tie a Double Windsor Knot.

If you’d like to learn more about video, or have some ideas on how you could use it for your customers, please give us a shout. We’ve invested in the latest digital technology and our full-time, in-house videographer is ready to help you take your site to the pinnacle of your industry through the creation and distribution of awesome video content.

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