Utilizing Video is a Cutting Edge Approach

July 7, 2010

Cleveland, July 5, 2010: After realizing the prominence video captures on the web, Insivia, a strategic marketing and web design firm, launched an updated version of their site.

Insivia.com now primarily features video content. Each video displays footage of an Insivia team member, filmed in-house by their videographer and without a script.

“We decided to do the videos this way because I knew that they would come out more genuine,” says Insivia owner Andy Halko. After hours of shooting and editing, 40 fresh, authentic videos are now live on Insivia’s website.

Site visitors will be welcomed with an array of videos that will answer their questions and help them get a feel for the expertise, services, and personality offered by Insivia.

Videos are becoming an extremely popular source for visitors of websites. Insivia wanted to create relationships with their audience before meeting them and thought this was the perfect way to do that. Watch, learn, enjoy.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Insivia is one of the region’s leading marketing and design firm. For more information about the company and to watch their videos visit us at www-new.insivia.com.

About Insivia

We're a SaaS Growth Agency scaling SaaS & technology companies through brand positioning, integrated marketing, web design, sales and retention.