Video + Animation

to explain, validate, convince and convey.

Create Impactful Media To Drive Action

Video and animation are powerful tools across any business. Statistics are showing that B2B buyers are consuming video and utilizing it to make key decisions.


Video and animation is perfect for:

  • Explaining a product simply - your elevator pitch.
  • Testimonials to truly convey success
  • Culture Videos for enticing candidates
  • Thought Leadership + Blogs for Search and awareness campaigns
  • Corporate Videos to explain your value propositions
  • Explaining your unique processes
  • Animated Screens for Product Features


Together, let's make something awesome.

Still not convinced? Give us a call at 216-373-1080 and we'll walk you through some examples.

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Binary Defense

Animated Product Explainer Video

Your product needs an elevator pitch. Whether on your site, through social or on sales follow-ups.

A quick 1 minute video to tell your audience the problem, your solution and how it will impact them is necessary for every product.

Vox Mobile

Corporate Video

When selling services, you have a unique position.

Utilizing video can help you explain what really makes you different from the people that make you different.


Testimonial Video

Your work is your validation. It deserves more than a couple paragraphs or images.

Tell the story in a way that really resonates with your prospects to generate leads or close sales


Video + Animation Solutions

Based In Cleveland, Available Anywhere. 

Start with a Strong Foundation

We'll help you to create a storyboard and script as well as a plan to use the video in your marketing and sales strategies.


Impress, Validate and Convert

Our team of video and animation specialists are top-notch. We work with companies that want to look highly professional.


Generate Customers the Right Way

As an agency, we can help you see how video will fit into the big picture so you can be sure to get the most out of your asset.

We create a wide range of videos.

Corporate Services Videos

Culture Videos

Product & Process Animations

Testimonials & Customer Stories

Thought Leadership & Training