Training & Workshops

Imagine everyone in your organization aligned to deliver your vision to prospects and customers.

A great team is in sync and all headed towards the same spot on the horizon.

In-house workshops to infuse your strategy into every nook and cranny of your business.

Our experts come to you.  We leverage content, exercises, and materials developed over years of training to effectively develop your team's skills at your office.

Coaching to deliver a monthly resource to help your team excel.

We talk with you or your team monthly to help guide strategy, realign priorities or deliver new perspectives.

Masterclasses coming to a location near you.

Our consultants hold workshops and classes throughout the US. Just check out our event schedule to find one near you.

Jeff Trattner, CMO

"Go get Andy Halko! If you are looking for a way to dimensionalize the concepts of collaboration, team work and purpose, you will love what Insivia does.

We were overdue for a meaningful team gathering, one that would educate and challenge this very well-read and highly productive team.

Andy was able to produce what felt like a one-of-a-kind exploration of team dynamics and one's role and responsibility to them.

Completely fresh. Great pace.

Andy impressed me with his on-the-spot agility, adapting to the fluid conversation and areas of interest advanced by the team.

I not only recommend Andy, but fully intend to bring him back for a refresher to insure we are applying everything we learned."

Talk to us about scheduling your custom workshop or coaching.

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