Optimizing a Pay Per Click campaign can be a long and frustrating task but there are certain tactics that can be taken in order to see immediate results. Below are 5 optimization tactics I suggest you look into in order to get your PPC campaign on the right path.

1. Landing Pages

If your PPC ads are directing traffic to your homepage you may want to consider linking them to a custom-landing page. This can be one of the most effective ways to immediately improve your results. Your landing page should be very simple, nicely designed, have a clear call to action and focused on the product or service that your ads are selling.

2. Campaign Extensions

One of the easiest improvements you could make to your ads is with the addition of ad extensions. An ad extension is a feature that allows you to display extra business information with your ad such as an address, phone number, webpage links, location or a coupon. Ad extensions can also help improve your ad quality, which plays a major role in the adwords auction.

3. Separating Your Networks

The Search Network and Display Network are two different traffic sources that act and perform completely different. If you are planning on using both networks you may want to consider separating them into their own campaigns. This way you can manage each network separately with different settings that are appropriate each.

4. Ad Copy

Does it seem like you're missing out on clicks? Adjusting your ad copy can be a simple but effective tactic to improve your numbers. Create additional ads with variations of copy and then monitor the performance of each to see which is more effective at capturing clicks. Try testing title case, display URL variations, switch up your call to action, or swap description lines. You should try to keep 2-3 ad variations for each ad group at all times continuing to adjust and build on what works.

5. Keywords

Your targeted keywords are the driving force behind your campaign and you need to make sure you are continually making adjustments. In order to be able to evaluate a keyword you should allow the keyword to see between 200-300 impressions. Once it sees this many impressions and if the click through rate is below 1% then it is safe to hit the delete button. You need to remember to stay aggressive with your keyword lists and continually add, delete and adjust your keywords & phrases in order to fully optimize each list.

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