Today Patrick talks about some tools you can use to help track website performance.

Google Analytics – Allows you to see the data behind your website. You can see what actions are taken on the site, what pages are most visited, and what keywords are used to get to your site. This information can help you see if visitors are converting or taking the desired action on your site.

CrazyEgg – A heat mapping tool that shows you how people are interacting on your website. It tracs where the visitor’s  courser moves, hovers, and clicks on your website, allowing you to see as people scroll through your site what elements they tend to be drawn towards. With that information you can better decide where to place buttons, text, and CTA’s.

Revision Lab – A product that we are currently developing. It is a software tool that helps you with website development. You can test and diagnose issues such as broken links, bugs, and usability with websites you are developing. It also allows you to check cross browser and operating system compatibility.

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