Great Ways to Start the Conversation


Word of mouth marketing is the most inexpensive and effective type of advertising you can get. Here are very easy ways to start some conversations about your business: Be Informative The first key to being successful in word-of-mouth marketing is not only to get your message out there, but to also make sure that the […]

Don’t Put your Business Card on the Back Burner


It goes without saying that almost every aspect of marketing yourself has changed now that social media has highjacked how we communicate and interact with one another. While the average American consumer has the ability to skip over traditional advertisements, opting to turn on their iPods during radio ads and fast-forward through commercials while watching […]

Package Design Plays in the Sales Success of a Product


The question comes down to whether you want to scream at your customer to make them want to buy your product or you want to create a pleasant introduction inviting them to try your product. It’s the reality that you can really say more with less. When you’re thinking about package design, remember that the […]