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The Basics of Analyzing Your Audience

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As audience analysis month draws to a close, Rick goes over the basics to make sure we understand the goals and importance of taking time to analyze your audience. It’s audience analysis month here at Insivia, so lets go over some of the basics and make sure you understand the importance of analyzing your audience. […]

Why is Mobile Important to a Company’s Success?


We’ve been talking about mobile all month and we’re continuing to focus on the importance of mobile marketing for companies. Smartphone and tablet usage is rising and continues to shake up the way businesses operate. With many companies’ audience’s turning to their mobile devices to find information and shop, it has become a necessity to […]

Do You Need a Mobile Strategy?

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Do you need a Mobile Strategy? Today Patrick explains what you need to do to make sure your mobile marketing is a success. Video Transcription A common question that we receive is should I have a mobile strategy and the short answer is yes and the slightly longer answer though is it should be a […]

Mobile Marketing 2013


Mobile devices have seen a boom in the last few years making the number of smartphone users in the U.S. reach over 80 million. To add to the mobile device increase, tablet users are also growing at a high pace. This has pushed businesses into an awkward position by forcing them to look into Mobile […]

How Do You Make Product Packaging Stand Out?

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Chad gives you a few tips that can help with designing your product packaging. Video Transcription When designing packaging you really want your products to stand out. In order to do that you need to take a few steps. First off make sure you research. You need to know what your competitors are doing. Do […]

Important KPIs For B2B Companies


When running any kind of marketing campaign, it is important to measure your successes with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It’s also important to measure the right KPIs so that you don’t waste time and money. You want to measure performance so that you can improve your efforts and make your campaign even more successful. Although […]

How Can Design & Technology Help Sales People Close Deals?


Andy talks about the importance of design and technology, and how it can influence your sales. Video Transcription Design and technology are extremely important to your sales process. Design from a standpoint that you want to have a brand that’s consistent across everything you do which breeds confidence in prospects. And then you also want […]

What To Think About When Putting a Call-to-Action on a Website


Colin gives a few tips you should consider when including a call to action on your website. Video Transcription When talking about calls to action it is important to consider what and how many actions to have.  Many sites have too many calls to actions or conversions that can prompt user confusion or inaction. Conversations […]