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Is it a Good or Bad Idea to Show Your Employees on Your Site?


Andy talks about displaying your employees on your website, and if you choose to, what you need to make sure to do. Video Transcription One question I get a lot is about whether people should show their employees on their website, whether in images or video or whatever it might be. I’m really a fan […]

Revamping Your PPC Campaign for the Holiday Season


Andy gives you a few tips for revamping you PPC campaign for the Holiday Season! Video Transcription Hey, everyone! The holidays are coming up and you might be ready to revamp your PPC campaigns or pay per click campaigns to get some better results. Some things that you can do are lets add some holiday […]

Using Industry Specific Landing Pages

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Andy talks about the importance of industry specific landing pages and how they can benefit your site. Video Transcription This morning I want to talk about industry specific landing pages. What we like to do is if you focus on certain industry or vertical like healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, that you crate a landing page […]

How Can Design & Technology Help Sales People Close Deals?


Andy talks about the importance of design and technology, and how it can influence your sales. Video Transcription Design and technology are extremely important to your sales process. Design from a standpoint that you want to have a brand that’s consistent across everything you do which breeds confidence in prospects. And then you also want […]

What To Think About When Putting a Call-to-Action on a Website


Colin gives a few tips you should consider when including a call to action on your website. Video Transcription When talking about calls to action it is important to consider what and how many actions to have.  Many sites have too many calls to actions or conversions that can prompt user confusion or inaction. Conversations […]

How can I use Google Analytics to Increase Conversion?


Recently at the e-marketing conference at corporate college in Cleveland, Andy Halko spoke to a group about using Google Analytics and A/B testing for increased website conversion.  Check out the slides below from the presentation. Google Analytics for Increased Website Conversion View more presentations from insivia.

Series: Quick Look in Google Analytics for Site Conversion


Well, I am going to start another series in our blog, but this one’s about my favorite topic: Visitor Conversion and Google Analytics. Just for a refresher, if you haven’t heard one of my talks (ranting/raving) about web site conversion, I will use this first article in the series to recap. First, let’s imagine a web […]