Should I use different logo variations for print and web?


Chad explains why it is important to have two different versions of your logo for web and for print. Video Transcription One thing we always encourage with our clients is to have two different versions logo when their branding is developed. One for web and one for print. This is because the differences in how […]

The Importance of Branded Search Terms

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Andy talks about the importance of branded search terms and how you should be using them to boost your site. Video Transcription Morning everybody, I want to talk about branded search terms this morning. What I want to see is if they are good or bad. So a branded search term is when someone searches […]

Top 3 Reasons to Make Real Content


Before my career turned to design and development, I nurtured my right brain far more than my left by constantly writing poetry. I love writing; more than that, I love metaphor and rhythm and clever twists of phrase and even corny-uncle puns. That’s why it’s important for me to find the right balance between findable […]

Beware What You Write!


The quality of the content you put online has a large impact on the branding of your company. Now more than ever, a company’s “voice” interacts with the public the most online, whether it be through the actual company website or social media outlets. The quality of this voice directly impacts how the public views […]

Quick, Cheap Ways to Boost Marketing Efforts


Don’t have the time or bank account to launch big marketing plans? Here are a few things you can do today that will help your small business connect with potential clients cheaply and effectively! 1. Start a newsletter and blog. Both of these can be done completely free. With newsletter template softwares such as mailchimp, […]

What’s Your Brand Personality?


“What other brand-name do you see tattooed on people?” – Bob Dron, Harley Davidson Dealer The most popular tattoo in the U.S. is an image of the Harley Davidson logo. Rugged individuality and personal freedom – an experience that is ageless and timeless, being part of a group of atypical, outdoorsy dudes is what the […]

Why Is My Logo So Important?


It’s who you are. It’s how you are identified. Think about it. Target’s logo is a bulls eye made of a solid red circle with another red circle surrounding it. Nike? A solid color swoosh. Apple? An apple. See where this is headed? Think simple. Don’t make it complicated.  The most successful logos are so simple […]

What is Your Logo Saying About Your Company?


Like it or not, social media is becoming more and more relevant in the business world. One thing to keep in mind when wondering if you are “social media ready” is your logo. If it has been a few years, or maybe a few decades, since you have given your logo any thought, there are […]

What Exactly is Branding?


Most think, branding is your logo and anything you can slap it on. Sure – free things are great! However, branding is a lot more than bribing people to pay attention to your company by handing out that cool flash drive or awesome coffee mug.

What is the Importance of Brand Building?


Branding consists of the name, symbol, term, sign, design or any combination of these that identify the goods and services of your company and differentiate you from another. Branding is the visual voice of your company.