Great Ways to Start the Conversation

January 31, 2011

Word of mouth marketing is the most inexpensive and effective type of advertising you can get.

Here are very easy ways to start some conversations about your business:

Be Informative
The first key to being successful in word-of-mouth marketing is not only to get your message out there, but to also make sure that the message is worthy of being read and repeated. Yes, it is important to tweet daily, but if the message is worthless, it won’t move and therefore your brand will not grow. Attempt to make everything you put out into the universe worthy of becoming viral.

Get Testimonials
If you’re doing your job right, your clients will be happy to sing your praises. Now, we don’t even need to bother people in requesting a formal, written referral. Get a video or audio testimonial and slap it directly onto your website. It’s an easy way to show your viewers, hey, people like us.

Give Testimonials
Return the favor, pay it forward, scratch someone else’s back� it is and will always be a valuable opportunity to give your own shout-outs to others in your industry that stand out to you. Why? Not only is it a nice thing to do, it adds value to you and your brand. You know what you’re talking about and you appreciate good work. Even if they don’t return the favor, the fact that you’re being complimentary impresses your clients and could entice them to talk about how enthusiastic you are about others who are doing well.

Get Involved
Although it’s not always easy to get direct business from being involved in a networking organization, being recognized in your community and also on an organization’s marketing materials – websites, print ads, and event invites -�are priceless.

Be Philanthropic
Fundraising events are perfect networking opportunities. First, you have a specific audience that is in the same physical space as you, and you have something in common: the cause. Second, unlike a networking event where guests expect to get 25 elevator pitches in an hour and a half, people put their guards down while being philanthropic. Donating time and resources can be an essential part of a sustainable business strategy.

I hope these tips help! Feel like it’s time for other marketing services?�Insivia�can meet all of your marketing needs.

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