Designed with improving sales performance in mind.

Giving great email tracking reports with sales analytics and customer reports.



Track Emails with One Click
Tracking your one-to-one email gives you insights into how your customers and prospects are reacting to your message.

Simply click Track when composing an email with Yesware.
Track all email opens as well as links clicked in emails.
Get an alert each time someone opens an email or clicks a link.

Know When & Where Emails are Opened
With Yesware, you can see when, where and on what device your prospects are reading your message.

See how many times an email is opened to be viewed.
Know where in the world someone opens an email with Google Maps integration.
View if prospects are opening email on their computer or mobile device.


Personal, customized email templates for every stage of the sales process.

Share Templates with Your Team
Share your best performing email templates with your team and others.

Ensure the proper messaging is always used throughout your team.
Invite your colleague to Yesware and send them your best template to get started.
Help others close deals faster with an email template that closes deals every time.


Tracking data is displayed right in your Gmail inbox, so you are always on top of the latest customer events.

See analytics right inside Gmail.
Track your email opens data for the last 30 days.
See where in the world people open your emails from inside your inbox.

Team Reports
Quickly and easily monitor your team’s performance and goal progress with Team reports.

Learn how your team’s messaging is resonating with your target market.
Know what your team is doing everyday without having to rely on them doing manual data entry.
See which emails get opened the most and leverage these insights to share expertise amongst the team.

Insivia's Review

Yesware is a Gmail add-on that makes it easy to write and track emails, especially for sales and business development. It puts email templates, CRM integration, tracking analytics, and some mobile tools at your fingertips. The ability to save multiple pre-formatted templates is huge time saver. Not only that, each email gets tracked so you get a feedback on your performances. It fundamentally reshapes the way companies communicate with client, both current and prospective. Email tracking and analytics have never been so easy.