Vivvo CMS

Web publishing at your fingertips with powerful framework

Vivvo is a CMS for news, online magazines and other designer style websites.


Content Publishing
Ability to publish Articles, Static Pages and Blogs
Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
Keeping revisions and auto-drafts of articles
Search Engine Optimization
3 different formats of SE Friendly URLs
Fully SEO optimized templates
Custom META keywords/description tags
Users and Roles
Unlimited number of administrators and roles
5 default roles: Admin, Editor, Trusted Writer, Writer, Member
Bridges to integrate users with most popular forum software like IPB or vBulletin
Documents & Media Management
Robust DMS system for managing documents and assets
Ability to tag files
Full media streaming capabilities
Templates and Design
Designer-friendly template engine (VTE)
20+ free skins/templates to start with
40+ individual page layouts to choose
Plug-ins and Extensions
100+ free plug-ins and widgets to start with
Easily extensible through a plug-in architecture
Helpers, Docs and Plugin Generator Wizard available to 3rd party developers

Insivia's Review

A vast majority of users claim to have really enjoyed the time they spent using this software. The content editor is easy to use and it offers quite a few useful plugins that are perfect for news, information or article-based websites. Vivvo CMS is primarily intended for news, online magazines, portals and media publishers. It provides good tools for those seeking a CMS for this type of online media, such as scrolling headers, news feeds, polls, subscription tools, comment and contribution tools, and more. Great for online media, Vivvo CMS is an excellent CMS solution. 

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