Website, commerce, domains, and mobile sites with beautiful designs.

Squarespace handles all hosting and software updates, leaving you to create content freely. This CMS is not Open Source and therefore has no community-developed extensions. Squarespace offers a unique experience for users looking to create a web presence for themselves. 

Some of the hundreds of features include: 

  • Modern Templates - Each Squarespace template design has been crafted by our world-class design team. Our template designs are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques.
  • Template Switching - Squarespace allows you to install multiple templates on to a single website and work on multiple designs at once.
  • Designed for Any Purpose - Every Squarespace template design supports all major content types, including Pages, Galleries, Blogs, Commerce, Calendars, and more.
  • Style Editor – With hundreds of customizable settings, including fonts, colors, and page configurations, every Squarespace website can be made to look unique with just a few clicks.
  • Built-in Mobile Websites - Every design automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website, so your content will look great on every device, every time. If desired, you can disable the mobile view from Website Manager.
  • Customizable Content Layouts – Each design is built with customizable content areas that utilize Squarespace’s LayoutEngine and Content Block system. Pages, blog posts, footers, and sidebars can use all available Content Block types (video, audio, text, markdown, etc.)
  • Free Typekit Fonts - Squarespace has partnered with Typekit to provide every customer with a free selection of the highest quality fonts available on the web. Use Typekit fonts on your site without embedding font kits or paying additional fees.
  • Free Google Fonts - Squarespace includes a curated set of fonts from Google’s font library that can be used without having to insert embed codes.
  • Custom CSS - Custom CSS can be applied to any template design through our built-in custom CSS editor, which also provides image and font file storage for CSS assets.
  • Example Content Restore - Easily restore example content that came with your original template at any time.

Insivia's Review

Squarespace provides you with beautiful, rich imagery, designer templates that undeniably command your attention right off the bat.  Our first thought of their templates is that they are clean, minimalistic and gives off a sophisticated vibe. All Squarespace templates are responsive, meaning that you can resize your browser and the content (including the images, slideshows) will also automatically resize to help give you and your visitors optimized viewing experiences. Also, Squarespace gives you extensive styling options that the majority of other website builders do not have. Squarespace is an excellent CMS web designer and gives you the tools to create very modern, clean, and flashy webpages that will market your product or blog very well.