Make yourself a "Twitter Wizard"

Boost your social media productivity! Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity! Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today! 


  • Schedule tweets and keep your Twitter streams ticking over with new tweets even when you’re not in front of your computer. Publish tweets when you know your international followers are online and you’re asleep.
  • Set up alerts and track keywords in the public Twitter stream. We will monitor the Twitter tweet stream and periodically email you a digest of the tweets that contain those keywords. You can also use this to track your @replies.
  • Save draft tweets, frequently used text snippets and URLs and reuse them in your scheduled tweets. Save tons of time by avoiding repetitive typing. Save a draft once and use it as a template for updates on Twitter accounts, plus other types of accounts for Professional users.
  • With our own in-house URL shortening service,, you can track the clicks on your shortened links, and get all kinds of useful and insightful click statistics.
  • With more than one Twitter account it can become a real chore to keep track of your @mentions and everyone who has retweeted your tweets.
  • You will probably agree that it’s a bit of a pain to manually delete DMs from your Inbox, especially since they accumulate so quickly. You can run a purge on your Inbox to delete everything, or DMs older than 7 days, or DMs older than 30 days.
  • Sometimes you want to start over with your Twitter account, without losing all the people who follow you and whom you follow. With our tweet purge you can delete all the tweets currently on your Twitter account, and start over with a clean slate.
  • We use Twitter’s secure OAuth method to access your Twitter accounts. That means you never have to give us your Twitter password password.
  • Add and manage up to five Twitter accounts. We don’t charge you a dime. This is ideal for people who are responsible for managing multiple social accounts.

Insivia's Review

Socialoomph promises to “boost your social media productivity”. Basically, Socialoomph provides you with an enormous amount of tools that allow you to take complete control over your social media. It’s made for bloggers like me and anyone else that uses social media as a marketing tool; which you should be doing. Socialoomph is an amazing suite of tools that everyone should be using to supercharge their Twitter accounts. It makes managing all of your profiles a breeze and gives you complete control over how they function. It really is a must have for people using Twitter for Internet marketing.