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Find the ROI in your campaigns

As marketing accountability becomes increasingly important for companies, CMO’s and marketing leaders are collaborating with sales management to build a direct line of sight from campaign responses to opportunity closure. Salesfusion facilitates this critical business process by tying the leads generated from campaigns right into your CRM opportunity management system – simplifying and enabling ROI calculations.

Creating a real connection between marketing and revenue

Salesfusion facilitates the creation of marketing campaigns with associated lead, campaign, media and channel sources that are directly connected to the campaign and opportunity tables inside of the CRM system. Because of the bi-directional sync of information between our sales lead, opportunity, and campaign tables and the corresponding tables in CRM, we have a direct line of sight into opportunity forecast data. As such, it is easy to track the flow of leads as they move from the point of capture in marketing to various stages of opportunity forecast in CRM.

Email Personalization

Lead Capture

Web Tracking

Social Marketing

Insivia's Review

If you want better analytics and delivery along with a cloud product that would work with our CRM without astronomical added costs, then SalesFusion is right for you. Exposing the user to active scoring, you can view the campaign calendar and analyze the scoring history of contacts in several different ways. Then, you can take those results and tune for a new promotional email or fully engage hot leads with targeted information. Now, you are spending more time being effective with the right leads and less time chasing the wrong dead ends. Sales Fusion also excels in making effective and intuitive landing pages. 

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