Simple, Real-Time Web Analytics with Heatmapping

Cutting the clutter you find in other analytics applications and packed Reinvigorate with the features you need to gain the advantage in today’s real-time web. Powerful heat mapping technology to show where users are clicking the most. Real-time visitor tracking shows an accurate demographic of who and how many users are currently on the site, as well as showing their activity. Granular Visitor Insight shows hourly, daily, and monthly breakdowns to uncover more relevant metrics.

Features (included in 14 day free trial)
-Real-time, Active Tracking
See site activity as it happens on your live auto-updating dashboard

-The Hottest Heatmaps
Not getting the clicks you want? Evaluate your interfaces with the ‘hottest’ heatmaps in the business and say goodbye to dead spots for good.
-Detailed Visitor Reporting
Visibility down to the visitor level provides an unmatched look into how your site is being used.
-Easy Implementation
Just a bit of code under your site’s footer + a configurable plugin available for WordPress.
-Globally Distributed Tracking
We CDN your tracking code so your sites will load faster and your users will love you for it.
-Regions and Timezones
Get a global view of where on the map your users come from, and the time of day they like to browse.
-Referral Tracking
Track your referred traffic in real-time, adjust your content to suit your traffic sources.

Additional Features/Reinvigorate Products
For the stats freak, desktop Snoop by Reinvigorate keeps you constantly connected to your stats and information by giving you notifications every time there is a new user sign up, sale, etc.

NameTags by Reinvigorate allows you to identify your registered users and have visibility into their habits and site usage.

Insivia's Review

Reinvigorate is a fantastic web analytics tool that helps you see who and how many are on your site at any given time, but the most important feature is that it shows you what those visitors are doing and looking at. With real time analytics an heat mapping, you get an insider’s view on exactly what those who are viewing your webpage are looking at, so you can refine any of the clutter on the page, or move banners and promotions to that sweet spot that catch the viewer’s eye. Key features such as Snoop and NameTags set Reinvigorate apart from other web analytics softwares by giving you constant updates every time there is a new user sign up, sale, etc., and then remembers those user’s information and habits.