Pinnacle Cart

Hosted shopping cart and online store creator

Hosted shopping cart and online store creator 


Beautiful themes
They say it’s not right to judge a book by its cover, but what about a store? Here at Pinnacle Cart, we’re constantly pushing the envelope in design. The key to selling starts with showing off what you’ve got, right?
Whether you choose to start simple with our free templates or opt for a custom designed skin from our in house design team, we make it easy to build an online storefront you can truly be proud of.

Extend functionality with Facebook and mobile stores
Reach your customers anywhere with our Facebook eCommerce and mobile commerce storefronts. Both stores are can be fully customized and completely managed through your Pinnacle Cart control panel. Our mobile store is optimized for mobile devices and fully compatible with all smart phones and mobile devices.

Easy to use design features
Having a professionally designed storefront has been proven to increase sales conversions and is a direct reflection of your business. With this in mind we’ve created a set of design tools that allow you to manage every aspect of your design, without having to learn code.
These simple, yet powerful tools, give you complete creative control over your store. Still want access to the code? You can get to it quickly using our proprietary “Cart Designer” toolbar, via our internal file manager, or access the files directly through FTP.
You can also use desktop editors like Dreamweaver, Visual Studio or Front Page to design and /or manage any page on your site. Don’t worry about updates; our unique template structure allows you to update the cart without having to worry about design changes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We worked extensively with three of the most respected search engine optimization firms ensuring Pinnacle Cart helps you achieve the most optimum ranking possible on major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Some of our Search Engine Optimization features include:

Seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks
Pinnacle Cart is constantly looking for ways to save you time and money, and we’re proud to bring you an exclusive feature we’re sure will do both. Connect to QuickBooks allows you to seamlessly transfer your sales information from your store to your PC or online version of QuickBooks with absolutely no work whatsoever.
Just set it up and let it run in the background, that’s it! Connect to QuickBooks is estimated to save you over two weeks a year in extra time and is available on all plans $60 and up.

Instant sales with QR Codes
Drive sales from even more places with our innovative new QR code tool. Now you can create a QR code for any product or promotion and track its effectiveness directly inside the cart, absolutely free. Print ads just got “clickable!”

A free social media platform
Tweet, Like, Buzz, Share and more! Nothing is more powerful or inexpensive ( it’s free! ) as word-of-mouth advertising. Our social media platform allows your visitors to create a social tsunami by spreading the word about your products across the world’s most popular social media sites. Just activate it and let your visitors do the rest!

Insivia's Review

Pinnacle Cart is easy to use and not complicated to set up an online store. Comes integrated with popular business applications and easily links to major companies like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Stores, GoShopping and NexTag. Accredited an A+ rating for business by BBB. Has a QR Code Generator and Control Panel is easy to navigate. Design services are offered for the convenience of merchants who want something custom designed for their business. Integration with Intuit Quickbooks makes this e-commerce platform one that stands out from the pack for the better. 

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