Socially-Driven B2B Content Marketing

A social media management tool primarily built for Business to Business (B2B) marketing. Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles, company pages and groups), Google+. Oktopost shines by allowing scheduling across multiple social networks including LinkedIn groups and by using a scheduling calendar.


Create live monitors that track keywords, mentions, groups, company pages and more. Easily follow and join social conversations that impact your brand, reply to feedback from customers, track key competitor activities and get inspiration for your next content idea.

Social Inbox
Never miss a comment that was left on your posts. Eliminate the hassle of manually logging into each network, and let the Social Inbox automatically check for any comment your posts generated, giving you more time to focus on writing great replies.

Capabilities Overview

Supported Networks
Oktopost supports publishing to four major social media networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Add your personal profiles, company pages and groups, and invite your colleagues to join so you can post on their behalf and expand your brand’s social reach.

Your social media posts and overall marketing objectives should be coordinated, and Oktopost makes this feasible. Create a Campaign for any objective, such as brand awareness, thought leadership or lead generation, and ensure that each post within it relates to that purpose.

Save time by creating all of your social content in advance, and then easily access to schedule a long-term campaign. With Autoposter, you can quickly select saved messages, and publish them across multiple networks, profiles, company pages and groups, in a matter of minutes

Capabilities Overview

Social Media Analytics
Access unlimited reports to gain deep insight into your social media marketing performance. View clicks, conversions, comments and engagement metrics in easy-to-understand charts, and segment data based on networks, groups, messages and profiles.

Conversion Tracking
Measure your social media ROI by tracking which messages cause your audience to convert. Track social leads from the moment they engage with your content up until the point that they become customers.

Capabilities Overview

Insivia's Review

Oktopost is superior to its competitors, in part because the social media tools it provides align so closely with what B2B marketers are looking for. When marketers utilize Oktopost’s social media marketing platform, they don’t have to guess whether their campaigns are working or estimate the value of their efforts. Oktopost provides its users with quantifiable data that they can use to justify their programs. The platform’s auto-posting and advanced message scheduling features help marketers save time, while the advanced analytics and straightforward interface make it incredibly easy for new users to get started.