Neustar PlatformOne

Analytics with accurate data and personalized dialogue.

Introducing Neustar PlatformOne
Learn about our integrated marketing solution, PlatformOne. Now, marketers have a complete, real-time portrait of their customers and prospects based on accurate data, enabling a personalized dialogue across all marketing channels.


Know Your Audience:
Customer Intelligence

Neustar’s mandate: trusted privacy by design. It ensures real-time and authoritative data. Easily identify, verify and segment customers and prospects. Tie this to real-world activities for a single view of your customer.

Reach Customers Efficiently:
Media Intelligence

Leverage real-time and predictive media insights, bridging offline data with the online world. Measure performance across all media and audience data and digital campaigns in a single view.

Make Sales Personal:

Activate customer and media intelligence to personalize marketing strategies across every channel. Leveraging a single identity across channels and devices, the integrity of Neustar’s intelligence ensures a more relevant dialogue.

One platform does it all.
A centralized marketing solution, PlatformOne gives you a complete, accurate, real-time portrait of your customerand enables real-time activation of customer and media intelligence. PlatformOne links customer interactions with authoritative datasets so you can identify, verify and segment customers. It combines these capabilities with real-time cross-channel, cross-device media intelligence leveraging state-of-the-art predictive analytics. Our solution also utilizes a single identity to activate insights easily and personalize the dialogue.

Insivia's Review

Neustar launched their new marketing analytics solution platform dubbed “PlatformOne”. Platform one keeps you up to date with all the on-goings of your site with real-time analytics as well as giving you a complete and accurate portrait of your customer, which gives those visiting your page an identity as a person rather than just a statistic so you can see which demographics are most drawn to your page so you can target customers more efficiently. Providing cross-channel and cross-media coverage for your page allows you to manage everything you need for your site over many mediums.

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