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Automate Away!
Net-Results can take any or all of the actions you see to the left each time your web forms are submitted. Hey, it’s called marketing automation for a good reason! With Net-Results, your landing pages work for you 24 hours a day. They can even schedule phone calls from your sales personnel to prospects right inside your CRM system like or SugarCRM!

Build Web Forms With Ease

How About Conversions From Social Media?
Tracking conversions from social media is a breeze with Net-Results.

Here’s a Segment that selects website visitors referred to your site from certain social media properties – and refines our selection further by including only those that ended up completing an important registration form.

By applying this Segment to your analytics reporting you’re able to see, among other metrics…

• Average Visit Duration
• Bounce Rate
• Average Number of Pages Viewed
• Most Visited Pages
• Total Number of Visits
• Number of Unique Visitors

Data Driven Success
Web Analytics exist to help you understand what’s working on your website and what is not. Net-Results takes this to a whole new level.

Put simply, if you can Segment on it you can analyze it. And with Net-Results you can Segment on anything you want. This makes it easy for you to see which search phrases, page views, downloads and other on & off site actions (like webinar attendance) lead to conversion and revenue vs. those that don’t.

… and many more!

Insivia's Review

 Net-Results tracks all of the anonymous visitors to your site, showing you company names (when available), locations, pages viewed, time on each page, return visits and more. Our sales team reviews the anonymous visitor information each day. But the real power comes in when these visitors are identified–either by email clickthrough, webform completion, site login, or manual entry–and Net-Results reveals all of the previous visits for a once unknown visitor. To know the interaction a prospect has had with your site before you ever knew their name is unprecedented sales insight. The intuitive drag & drop way to build the email campaigns and customer segments makes designing very easy and user-friendly. 

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