Record and watch everything your visitors do

Inspectlet is an analytics tools more focused on Usability testing. It has four important features, which are: eye tracking heatmaps, screen capture, customizable metrics, and real time analytics. It goes beyond just providing the basic visitor metrics.


Learn from observing your potential customers.

See exactly what customers are looking for and how they use your site. Understand their mindset and increase your conversion rate.

Powerful conversion funnel analysis.

Our Conversion Funnels tool lets you define a series of pages that lead towards a goal (like a signup or a purchase) and then watch screen captures of visitors that dropped off on a particular step. Track down where potential conversions are being lost and increase your conversion rate.

Follow the entire session.

Screen Capture shows you the whole story. Watch visitors click a link from the homepage and visit the next page. See everything they do on the next page, where they’re looking, and most importantly: what’s leading them to the next conversion step.

Eye-tracking Heatmaps
See where your visitors are looking and what parts of the site they’re reading by visualizing their mouse movements. Research shows that mouse and eye movement are highly correlated

Scroll Heatmaps
Scroll heatmaps show you how far visitors are scrolling down on your site’s pages. Find out how many people actually make it to the middle or bottom of the page. Learn where on your page to place your most important content, like the purchase button or a special discount banner.

Live in the Moment
Know how many people are on your site right now. Watch traffic spikes as they happen in real-time. Immediately see the results of social media campaigns like tweets or Facebook posts. Watch your site spread virally. Get a clear understanding of what is going on all the time.

Who, What, When, Where, Why?
Get answers to all your questions. Who’s on your site? What pages are they looking at? Where’d they come from? Are they engaging with the content or just reading it? How long have they been there? When analytics become real-time, it’s not just that you get the information that you usually get faster. Real-time analytics change the function of analytics. It allows you to be proactive rather than just observative; you’re given the opportunity to respond to an event as soon as it happens.

Go Beyond Just Pageviews
With other analytics services, once a visitor is on your page, it’s an information blackhole. Inspectlet goes beyond just showing you pageviews: Inspectlet tells you how far visitors are scrolling down and if they see the entire page’s contents. How many people are just reading your page’s content vs. engaging with the page (voting, writing comments, etc). How long are visitors spending on your site right now before they leave and how many pages are they looking at on average?


Insivia's Review

Inspectlet is a great real-time analytics solution for screen-recording of user sessions as well as click and scroll mapping to show exactly where the page visitors are looking. Perfect for small-buisness owners, but trusted by companies like eBay and ABC, this software has the capability to suit anyone who uses it to optimize their webpage and understand their website’s users. See what is getting your visitors attention and what is dead-space on the corners of your pages to get the most out of your page as you can. 

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