GrabInbox is an easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook, fan pages and linkedin accounts.

Although fairly basic, GrabInbox is free and allows you to manage multiple Facebook (profiles and pages), Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Add multiple accounts
You can add and manage multiple twitter, facebook, facebook fan pages and Linkedin accounts.

Post to multiple accounts
Post updates and share links across all your social networks at once. Our super easy scheduling option let’s you schedule messages easily across any social network.

Stay updated with Notifications
You don’t need to monitor your social networks. GrabInbox notifies you when you have replies, direct messages etc. so that you do not miss any important updates.

Customizable tabs
Want only @replies and DMs for an account? Don’t want timeline but want to view updates from a twitter list? Our customizable tabs let you do just that!

Plugin and bookmarklet
We got some goodies for you with more on the way. Try our super fast Google Chrome plugin to easily share web pages you like. For other browsers we have a bookmarklet for the same purpose.

My GrabInbox
GrabInbox has a very easy to manage 3 column layout. All your accounts, notifications and content are displayed within a clean interface.


Insivia's Review

For those who are actively involved in social networks, I am sure you will know that managing multiple accounts is both a troublesome and tedious task. In order to view update from different social networks, you need to log into different accounts and check them out regularly. When it comes to efficiency, this is definitely the worst thing to do. GrabInbox aims to solve this issue by unifying all your social accounts together so you can check the updates from different accounts and send messages to different accounts all in one place.GrabInbox is not the first in the industry to provide such unifying service. Hootsuite and TweetDeck are two popular services that allows you to access different accounts at one place. What I like about GrabInbox is its simple user-interface and the ability to queue and schedule your messages.

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