One Click Analytics with Social Media Integration

GoSquared has actionable metrics that is essential for e-commerce websites. It is a great tool that measures visitor engagement. With its real time reporting system, GoSquared notifies you of traffic spikes, social trends and much more! Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., makes GoSquared an excellent tool with keeping companies connected to current and trending topics.


People, not just pageviews

At the heart of GoSquared is an extremely powerful, accurate, world class analytics engine that analyses every pageview and event in real-time. GoSquared ties everything back to individual visitors – so you can dive into aggregate data to see the methodology in our calculations.

No sampling of data

Unlike other analytics services, GoSquared does not sample data, no matter how busy your website becomes. You can be sure that GoSquared is counting every pageview, every visitor, every event, so your numbers will always be as accurate as they can possibly be.

Accurately measure time on site

GoSquared tracks unlike any other analytics service. Most analytics tools track visitors when they first visit a page, and then estimate time on site with averages and imprecise methodology. GoSquared is different. GoSquared pings continously to check a visitor is still actively engaged with every pageview.

Understand engagement like never before

GoSquared is leading the industry in visitor engagement metrics. Not only does GoSquared track time on site with unparalleld precision, GoSquared can track when a visitor is actively reading a webpage by understanding behaviour such as scrolling, clicking, typing, and even whether their browser window is front and centre.

Easy to use from day one

GoSquared is easy from the minute you sign up. There’s a lot of tools out there that proclaim to be “easy” or “straightforward”, but only after investing hours, or days (or weeks!) of time setting up everything to be just right. With GoSquared, you can be up and running in minutes.

Plugins for easy integration
Ease of use starts with integration. GoSquared is only valuable once you’ve integrated your project and are tracking the metrics that matter. With plugins for WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, RapidWeaver, Magento and many more, you can be integrated in no time.

Designed for teams, not just analysts
Many analytics tools are intended for analysts – for people who spend their entire working life with data and analytics tools. We believe everyone in the team can benefit from the valuable insights GoSquared provides, so that’s why we strive to make GoSquared easy for everyone on the team.

One interface, any device
We obsess over every detail in GoSquared, but there’s one detail you won’t miss – sign in to GoSquared on any device – your desktop computer, your iPhone, your tablet, or even your boardroom TV, and GoSquared will be ready and waiting with the insights you need, in the interface you know and love

The definition of real-time

Real-time means as-it-happens, so it’s confusing to us why so many analytics services claim to be “real-time” when they don’t let you see information for minutes, if not hours after it’s been collected. GoSquared introduced real-time web analytics to the world in 2008. And we’ve been truly real-time ever since.

Act now. Not tomorrow.

With GoSquared’s real-time analytics, you have the full picture at all times. The question “is this up to date?” will become a thing of the past. We want to put businesses in a position where they can take action now, rather than waiting. Waiting means letting the competition get ahead of you, and we’re not going to let that happen.

Speed comes from technology and design

While GoSquared’s real-time analytics engine ensures data can make its way to you faster than ever, it’s the interface of GoSquared that ensures you can take action more quickly than ever before. No more clicking through menus and lists, no more analyzing complicated charts GoSquared gives you insights at the speed of light.

Minute-by-minute data

Unlike other analytics tools that show you numbers by the hour, GoSquared can dive even deeper and show you minute-by-minute changes, enabling you to spot fluctuations and changes that would otherwise go completely unnoticed. Just another reason why speed and accuracy are front-and-centre in GoSquared.

Insivia's Review

GoSquared does a fantastic job of giving you the feeling of analyzing actual people, not just page views. LiveStats shows you your top content and who is currently viewing it. Also, GoSquared gives you information on which websites and social media posts are sending you the most traffic in real time, so you can optimize conversion by promoting those posts. With live feeds of twitter tags and tweets, you can see exactly when and about what people are saying about your company.