Create newsletters, emails, and landing pages for email marketing

Create newsletters, emails, and landing pages for email marketing


Responsive Email Design
GetResponse makes all your newsletters look great on all devices, automatically. Computers, smartphones, tablets… you will WOW your audience every time. Best part is, you don’t need to do anything. Responsive email design works its magic behind the scenes to get you 42% more results and more sales.

A/B Testing
Run effective campaigns and make sure you know which offers work best with your audience. Test, analyze and optimize any element of your message: subject line, CTA, from field, best time and day to send email, and more with the new A/B testing.

Autoresponders 2.0
Get control with email marketing automation. Send follow-up cycles, birthday emails, 1-to-1 communications, customized offers and more. Refine your relevancy, timing and accuracy with simple yet powerful new time-based and action-based messages that respond perfectly to your subscribers’ needs and interests.

Email Creator
Experience the creative power you never had before with the new drag-and-drop editor. The revolutionary Email Creator will make all your visions possible with multiple email templates and limitless editing options: add and edit photos, change colors and fonts, add social sharing buttons and so much more – all with a click.

Landing Page Creator
Creating fully customized, stunning landing pages is now easier than ever. With new Landing Page Creator you can create and publish your promo landing pages in minutes. We will host them for you on a dedicated URL address and integrate them with your e-commerce and social media platforms. All for only $15 per month.

Social Sharing
Want to maximize the social power of your newsletters? The Social Sharing buttons let readers share your newsletters instantly. Next all the social reactions are tracked in the Social Share Analytics with at-a-glance reports that identify high-impact networks and the most engaged audiences – automatically.

Email Intelligence
Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns even after they’re complete with GetResponse Email Intelligence designed to make tracking, gauging and analyzing real pleasure. Make smart decisions within minutes: compare follow-ups, measure site conversions, segment subscribers with one click or view hourly fluctuations.

Insivia's Review

This email marketing service provides easy-to-understand reports with graphs and pie charts that can help you optimize your marketing campaigns. Your company’s marketing need not be guesswork. GetResponse not only helps you maintain your list of contacts and create professional-looking marketing campaigns, but it also gives you the information and tools you need to be more effective at reaching your audience. GetResponse’s email marketing service will help you hone in on what aspects of your marketing efforts are working so you can spend your time on the things that will bring the best returns. A/B Testing throughout your emails helps you optimize the look and design of every single piece of mail that you send out for the best customer response. 

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