Marketing automation to help you grow your business to its potential

Affordable doesn’t mean worse or less features! Marketing automation for a great price and filled with high-quality features. 


Centralized Lead Database genoo marketing automation feature Unlimited # Leads – You choose the Email plan that works best for your needs. Keeping leads in a centralized lead database allows you to track comprehensively across marketing campaigns and site visits – the automated system gives you more information to help tailor your marketing and give your leads exactly what they want. Seems simple, but it’s HUGE for the results you can get.

Landing Pages genoo marketing automation feature

When creating pages at your site requires waiting for your IT group or a web dev techie, we put the control where it should be — timing is in your hands, so you can easily create the landing pages your marketing efforts require — Fast! There’s no limit, or up-charge for traffic. Bring it on!
Microsite/Website (Genoo CMS) genoo marketing automation feature Unlimited # Pages & Traffic — A full-featured Content Management System that includes full SEO and Social Sharing and follow capabilities built right in.

Blogging Platform For Marketers (Google Panda Friendly)

Genoo marketing automation feature Publish a blog easily. Subscribers and commenters are added to your lead database for tracking and inclusion in marketing campagins. All on-page SEO factors important for Google’s Panda updates, including Google Authorship support. Engage your target audience and keep them interested.

Lead Nurturing Sequences (aka. Auto-Responder & Drip Campaigns)

Genoo marketing automation feature Assemble your emails into a nurturing sequence you can trigger automatically based upon lead activity — you set the frequency and triggers, and we take care of the rest! Ahhh…time to focus on those leads who are ready to close! Your follow up is a process you can count on.

Automatic Campaign Assignment Triggers & Rules

Genoo marketing automation feature Which leads should get which nurturing sequence? You decide by setting up triggers and assignment rules that identify which lead nurturing sequences are best for a given lead. That’s automation that makes your job easier.

Email Marketing

genoo marketing automation feature With Genoo, you get the best of both worlds! Send lead nurturing emails, or conduct regular email marketing — and you get to pick the email plan that works for you.

…and many more!

Insivia's Review

One of many business’ integrated marketing approaches is to drive prospects to their company website and engage them to download rich, valuable content. Genoo gives you an easy, yet comprehensive platform to accomplish this through directed eMail campaigns. Robust capabilities enable you to maintain a large database of contacts and prospects that are segmented by SIC/NAICS codes. One can further slice and dice my database using a range of other filters that have  been defined, such as titles, industry, application, etc.. This allows you to create very focused nurturing campaigns with targeted messages that lead prospects through the sales continuum. Also, the value of the scoring capabilities and qualification of prospects for automated delivery of leads to your CRM. Extensive reporting capabilities give the user the ability to track campaign performance, ROI, and website activities via range of dimensions. Great overall marketing automation platform.