Analytics specifically designed with bloggers and news publishers in mind

Analytics for bloggers and news publishers. Metrics on authors, articles at your fingertips.
Pages– The pages of your web applications hold vital content that are presented to your viewers. Unlike our competitors, we continue to monitor and track the metrics of a traditional web analytics system because we believe they matter and they are not going away just yet.

Articles– We provide useful metrics for your articles if you are a blog or similar business. You spend hours/days writing an awesome article for your blog but you have no way to track how many times it was read and if your users are actually reading all the way through, have no fear, FoxMetrics is here.

Authors– The people and style of writing matters. FoxMetrics will let you know who and what styles works best for your business. Does your audience prefer funny, education or serious post. Who is their favorite author and more.

Comments– People do get touched by your articles and may have something to say. We track a burst of metrics that allows you to see how your viewers are interacting with your articles and how frequently. It’s just another way that FoxMetrics helps you determine were your time is best well spent.

News/Publishing- If you are in the news/publishing business, we can easily track and report on your stories. News is ground breaking and happens fast and rapidly, our real-time processing of events gives you up to the second list of updated metrics that tells you just how your stories are doing, no more waiting.

Actionable Sales KPI’s- Take action and take the lead with our sales performance indicators. Sales are what drive your business to success. With our sales KPIs, you’ll have a complete and comprehensive overview of your sales’ performance. All you have to do is take action.

Detail Reports & Dashboards- All-inclusive reports coupled with a powerful yet very user-friendly Dashboard: a match made in metrics heaven. FoxMetrics’ reports are easy to read and analyze. PLUS, our Dashboard is very intuitive and user-friendly, even non-technical and first time metrics users will enjoy using it within minutes.

Category & Product Relationships- We automatically build the relationships of your products with their respective categories. Whether you have only a few items on hand or have thousands of units in your inventory, we provide actionable metrics at the product or category level.

Shopping Cart Tracking- Easily track the status of items as they are added, updated or remove from the shopping carts of your customers. Our ability to track the contents if the shopping carts of your customers, gives you a unique insights into how well certain products are converting and how customers are interacting

Triggered Actions- Create tasks that are based on the actions of your customers, now or in the future. Imagine the ability to send an email to your customers if they haven’t purchased an item that is in their shopping cart after x number of days or send a welcome email after a user registers for your service.

Insivia's Review

FoxMetrics is a great real-time web analytics platform with actionable reports. The core competencies of FoxMetrics and be summarized by the following four points. 1. Funnels which allow users to analyze and optimize your webpage by showing lost opportunities and conversion. 2. You can build, manually or automatically, complete profiles of your users as well as life cycle reports. 3. Segments allow you to classify your web audience to create powerful reports to increase turnover rates. 4. Triggers are online and offline notifications that can get your attention about specified user behavior. Great tool for optimizing your webpage and conversion.

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