Expression Engine

Active add-on community gives you all the tools you need to build your website or blog

ExpressionEngine is an interesting hybrid of commercial and open-source software. The base code for the ExpressionEngine core is built on CodeIgniter, which is their own open-source PHP framework. But the commercial aspect of the CMS means that there’s committed developers and technical support people focused solely on EE.

Some of the features include:

Multiple Channels/Site Sections
Custom Entry Fields
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Custom Statuses
Multiple Categories
RSS and ATOM Syndication
Moblog Publishing
Entry Versioning
Multi-Entry Editing
Entry View Tracking
Ping Servers
HTML Formatting Buttons
URL Titles
Sticky Topics
Future Entries
Expiring Entries
Article Pagination
Image and File Uploading
Image Resizing and Thumbnailing
Image and File Browsing

Full Page Modeling
Conditional Operators
Custom Global Variables
Template Access Control
PHP in Templates
Custom SQL Queries
Template Exporting
Template Library
Versioning System
Customizable Workspace
Template Notes

Insivia's Review

We feel ExpressionEngine has gained its substantial community of customers not only because it’s an open source application, but also because of its overall ease of use. From a programmer’s perspective, this product is extremely flexible and unlimited in potential. Overall, we felt this was an ideal program for technical users. Additionally, you can install plugins that make your site even more suited to the diverse needs of your audience. We found plugins for removing HTML formatting from text, viewing inbound links for your URL through Technorati, and displaying the top authors on a page. ExpressionEngine is a great CMS software that can compete with any of the top of the line/paid CMS softwares.

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