Email, mobile, social, and automation marketing

Email. mobile. social. automation.


Drag. Drop. Smile.
No coding or behind-the-scenes work is needed to send customized emails to your subscribers. Personalize email content and offers with easy-to-use creative tools and pre-built email templates. Drag-and-drop tools let you make changes on the fly, repurposing content as needed among email marketing campaigns.

Easy Lifecycle Marketing
Create pre-defined campaigns like welcome emails, birthday emails, anniversary emails, etc.—no technical expertise needed. Step-by-step guides built into your ExactTarget Marketing Cloud application let you execute any email use case to power your customer journeys.

Personalized, Predictive Content
Innovation begins with unlocking the power of your customer data. Leverage predictive analytics to deliver content tailored to your customers’ preferences and behaviors. Repurpose content directly from your website or content management system to use in your email campaigns.

Made for Mobile
With 48% of customers opening emails on mobile devices, your emails have to be made for mobile. Mobile-optimized email templates help you design for the mobile inbox. Preview what your email will look like on a mobile device and desktop with real-time rendering tools.

Insivia's Review

Taking email marketing to a whole new level, ExactTarget email marketing is great for any company to personalize their emails to their likeness. With very simple drag and drop editing, the software is extremely user friendly and doesn’t pose much of a threat to new timers in the email editing world. Great product and will help your emails generate the most turnover. 

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