Illuminating marketing performance

Make an instant connection between your goals and your data.
Our automated connectors will give you instant access to your marketing performance data.
Simply connect using your credentials to start the immediate flow of data.


Our flexible data visualization feature highlights valuable insights in just a few clicks.
Through our adaptable dashboarding interface, find new optimization opportunities by analyzing high-level performance and granular details of your data. Visualize trends, highlight cross-channel synergies and see which media vehicles or targeting strategies are yielding results.

Power actionable insights from your data.
Datorama’s transformation engine enables you to extract enriched insights from your marketing performance data. View these insights through the eyes of your business needs with a few simple automated rules and optimize your performance where it matters most.
Our transformation engine extracts actionable insights from your data by building views of performance by product, business lines, promotion types or other custom classifications with a few simple automated rules.

Quick Set Up Simply connect using your credentials to start the immediate flow of data.

Packaged Insights Use our preselected dashboard widgets to gain immediate, actionable insights or build your own custom views.

Calculated Metrics Create your own metrics with our flexible calculated metrics wizard.

Automated Data Connectors Gain easy access to your ad management platforms with our automated API connectors.

Custom Dashboards Design a tailored view of your data with our powerful and user-friendly dashboarding interface.

Advanced Segmentation Access all segments of data through our advanced filters. Get the granular insights that will make a difference to your business.

Custom Data Connectors Integrate data from any source and identify a purposeful connection.

Real-Time Analytics Instantly access your most recent data and create new analysis in real-time.

Custom Groups Create streamlined views of your performance by grouping data in meaningful ways.

Data Classifications Use our powerful transformation engine to customize data classifications across channels.

Topline Insights Get unified insights into your cross-channel spend, sales, ROI and other performance metrics.

Granular Metrics Focus on detailed analysis for each individual channel and uncover unseen opportunities for optimization.

Insivia's Review

Datorama’s Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform enables marketers and agencies to finally understand which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. In minutes and without involving IT, Datorama lets marketers see the effect of each individual channel and the collective impact of all marketing activities across channels, enabling marketing optimization based on omni-channel efficiencies uncovered working with the company’s solution.

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