A truly simple CMS

Hosted software. The main thing that sets CushyCMS apart from most others is that it’s specifically meant to make it easy for your clients to edit their own content. You design the website however you want, and then add it to the CushyCMS account. From there you can define which parts are editable and give your clients access.


Unlimited sites, pages and editors
Free accounts can add a maximum of 5 sites. No restrictions on the number of pages or editors.

No training required
Everything you need to know is covered in the intro video on the Cushy homepage.

No programming requirements
Just very basic HTML knowledge required.

No server requirements
Cushy is a hosted application — no custom installation, packages or mods required on your end!

XML editing capability
Edit your XML files without a problem.

Available in 20 languages
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian, Swedish and Mandarin.

Branding Features
Use your own logo
Brand CushyCMS as your own solution for clients.

Use your own domain name
For example., or pick a subdomain of our domain, e.g.

Admin colour schemes
17 pre-built colour schemes to choose from.

Customize WYSIWYG appearance
Change fonts and colours to match the appearance of the client’s site.

Custom welcome emails
Personalise the welcome email sent to editors.

No ads in admin interface
Pro users don’t see any advertisements in their control panel.

Insivia's Review

CushyCMS is known for being the easiest and most user-friendly CMS that can ever be implemented. It is extremely client friendly and is perfect for simple and static websites. To begin to use CushyCMS, you do not have to download anything nor does it require another web host. Cushy can even be used to manage existing sites. Just add your site into Cushy and now you have a useable interface with easy site management.

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