Crazy Egg

See exactly what your visitors are clicking on with Crazy Egg virtual heat maps.

Crazy Egg is a service that allows you to see exactly what visitors are doing on your website via visual heat maps. You can see where visitors are clicking, what they are scrolling to, and where they came from. Seeing how visitors interact on your website can help you optimize design and elements to allow for better conversion rates.

See what works “at a glance” – Crazy Egg shows you exactly where people are clicking on your site… so you can see at a glance what’s “hot” and what’s not.

Plug leaks in your sales funnel – The scroll map shows how far down people are scrolling and helps determine where visitors abandon the page. You’ll pinpoint what areas your audience loves… and what needs improvement.

Segment your traffic – Crazy Egg lets you see where different traffic sources click on your site. This makes identifying your most profitable traffic source – and optimizing your site – extremely simple.

Track actions to the link – Let’s say you have two links that go to the same place. One gets 15 clicks and the other one gets 25 clicks. In Crazy Egg you’ll see 15 and 25… whereas in Google Analytics you’ll see those two links with 40 clicks each. So Crazy Egg lets you see – down to the link – what’s working on your site.

Escape “analysis by paralysis” – Crazy Egg gives you all that data (plus much more) in a clear, easy-to-understand layout so you’ll know exactly what needs improvement.

Crazy egg does not affect site performance or load speed. Crazy Egg loads at the same time as other code, instead of after, it does not slow down page load time.

Insivia's Review

Crazy Egg is a great tool to see how your website is viewed by visitors – kind of like real-life user testing. As Crazy Egg’s heat maps show you where your site’s visitors are clicking, their scroll maps show where and how far your visitors scroll; finally, you can see if they really are making it all the way down to the promotion code at the bottom of your page. Crazy Egg confetti is another useful tool that helps you distinguish the clicks that are coming from people who have specific search criteria, have been sent from certain referral sources, etc. Now you can uncover the source of the majority of your site’s traffic and be able to see which source generates you the best turnover. Another great part of Crazy Egg is it does not slow down server speed, so the site will still be able to operate at normal speeds. Crazy Egg is a great web analytics tool that can help you track exactly where your site’s visitors are looking at your webpage, so you can optimize it to be the most user friendly as possible.

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