Analytics and notifications that live in the present

Chartbeat is focused primarily on real-time data and real time analytics. In short, this is a tool, which lives in the preset. Its robust dashboard, Iphone app and email alerts notifies you immediately of any server crash, or traffic spikes. Their clientele include Billboard, Fox News, Foursquare, and Time.

GET QUICK SIGNALS- Easy visual indicators tip you off to what’s doing well and what’s not on your site and what to do about it.

GAUGE AUDIENCE QUALITY- Know which of your current visitors are likely to return again and shift your focus to their needs.

LOCATE YOUR AUDIENCE- Know where your readers are coming from – see who’s reading what content where.

DEMAND DETAILED DATA- Click into any dashboard element to drill down into the specific data you need.

KNOW YOUR VIDEO- Track key real-time video data right in the main dashboard.

BUILD SOCIAL MOMENTUM- Take action with the top tweets sending you the most traffic – retweet, start convos and more.

Insivia's Review

Chartbeat’s pitch is “The web doesn’t wait – neither should you!”. Chartbeat does a great job of updating users so quickly that they are able to catch trends or problems in their webpage as they happen, not the next day. With a very in-depth design, users will immediately feel immersed in Chartbeat’s advanced technological capabilities. Chartbeat also displays a timer at the upper end of each page which shows you a real time figure on how long the page will take to load, which is useful for keeping up with site speed at times of high traffic. Also you can keep track of each individual’s actions on your page which is incredibly useful to analyze at times of low traffic. Chartbeat is a very advanced analytics platform and is trusted by companies like Billboard, Forbes, and Times to get the job done. 

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