Create, launch, and track email marketing campaign

Create, launch, and track email marketing campaign


Contact Lists
Import existing customers and prospects, add signup forms, manage bounces and subscribers – and grow your email lists!

Email Templates
Choose from over 700 easy-to-use email templates that fit your business or relate to a holiday campaign – or build your own.

Easily slice and dice your subscribers in two simple steps with our “Segment Wizard” based on preferences, location, etc. to send targeted emails.

A/B Split Testing
Industry-leading A/B Split Testing is easy to use and increases engagement with your contacts, interactions and conversions in your email campaigns.

Email Reporting
Manage campaigns with detailed reports showing sends, delivers, clicks, opens, and how many “forward-to-a-friend” subscribes.

Use autoresponders to respond to customer actions and events to save time, increase engagement and improve customer relationships.

Advanced Features
Increase your campaign success and grow with your business with features like social sharing, iDevice access, and API integration.

Insivia's Review

The Campaigner email marketing service has hundreds of templates you can use for your newsletters. Campaigner has more than 500 templates from which you can choose. This email marketing service also offers a creation wizard. It helps you create email campaigns that avoid content that email services such as Google might tag as spam. That way you can have confidence that your emails are reaching your customers’ inboxes instead of their junk mailboxes. It’s easy to see what you’ve been up to recently when you look at the Campaigner dashboard. It summarizes your recent email campaigns with information such as when you sent them and how effective they were. Campaigner also shows how many more emails you can send within your billing period. Campaigner is a great email marketing platform with hundreds of templates.